10 Tips for Your First Trip to the Jungle

10 Tips for Your First Trip to the Jungle

Visiting or taking a trip to the jungle is one of the most amazing experience, where you get to see and experience wildlife in their natural environment. For this experience to be more fun and pleasant, it has to be followed up with a lot of preparedness, even if it’s not your first time you have to be very careful and sensitive with you you pack for a trip to the jungle. It is also essential to know what to expect and what not to, during your trip, so that you don’t get dissatisfied. Below, we’ve written a few things which are quite important for your trip to the jungle.


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1. Tell Someone

Whenever you venture into a trip to the jungle ensure that you inform someone of exactly where you will be and how long you plan to be there. This includes your family, friends, and local authorities like rangers or police residing around this jungle. Also, ensure inform them when you return safely. If you parked a car, leave a note in your car explaining who it belongs to and how long you plan to be out.



2. Hire a local guide

If you don’t have any experience, or you are unsure of the area or just want to learn more about where you’re going a guide can be well worth the money and are invaluable sources of information, especially if it’s your first time.

3. Have Some Cash in Hand

It is smart to carry some cash in hand when travelling, this might seem weird but it’s a smart idea. You can pay cash to locals are for help or even buy an artefact from them, you may also need cash to help, in case you’re starving or need something once you’re out of the jungle and can’t find your car or camp.

4. Carry an extra Sim Card

If you plan on staying connected throughout your trip, then you might want to carry an extra sim card which can be of a different network. You might also want to call your resort and find out about the network accessibility in that area. If your network doesn’t hold up strong there, you might consider buying a new and different sim card.

5. Prepare for the Temperature

It is very necessary to find out what temperature expect during your trip. It is always a good idea to call your resort and ask about the day and night temperatures. Alternatively, you can also rely on Google for this information. Sometimes, the weather can be extreme, you might have to face extreme cold and extreme heat at the same time. Both of these require a different type of preparation.

6. Pack your bag a day in advance

It is ideal to pack your bag at least a day before the main day of your trip this also help you leave very early in the morning so as to find a good camping spot and avoid entering the jungle at night time. So getting everything packed in advance will help you note a few things before night time in the jungle.

7. Important things to include in your backpack

ID, Cap, binoculars, water, sunscreen, insect repellent cream, camera, scarf, glares, seasonal clothes (summer or winter, as the weather demands), torch, medicines, food, and other essentials that’ll save your day.

8. Have a way of building a fire

Fire is good for a lot of reasons and uses, boiling water, signalling and just making you feel better. You should have a least 2 or 3 methods of starting a fire. Note: Marches are least reliable jungles are humid and wet? Even waterproof matches will likely fail in the jungle. A butane lighter or two, a flint/steel sparking device (blast match, Spark-Lite™, permanent match, etc.) or whatever you can carry.

9. Make sure to have some types of navigational tool

A small, well-made compass and if accessible a map. Navigating in the jungle is very difficult, often you can’t see more than a few yards in any direction. If follow a stream or river downstream there’s a good chance it’ll lead you out.

10. Keep you Bag Pack Around/With You At All Time!

All of these things should be on your person! In your pockets or on a cord around your neck. A commercially available survival kit will have a lot of this stuff, or you can make your own. Remember to do your research read reviews of the kits. Just remember it won’t do you any good if it’s not on you!

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