Costa Rican Visa Requirements And Application From Nigeria

Costa Rica Visa Requirements For Nigerian Citizens And How To Apply For a Costa Rica Visa From Nigeria

Are you looking for ways to apply for a Costa Rican visa from Nigeria? In this article, we will discuss the list of Costa Rica visa requirements for Nigerian citizens and how to apply for a Costa Rica visa from Nigeria.
If you hold a USA Visa (exclusively types: B1-B2, D or C1/D of multiple entries) or a multiple entries Canadian visa, you should be able to enter Costa Rica for up to 30 days, as long as the following standard requirements are complied with:
  • The passport should have a minimum validity of 6 months on the day of entry.
  • A return ticket or a ticket continuing to another country within 30 days of entry.
  • Proof of economic solvency (this can be bank statements for instance).

Can Nigerians Get a Costa Rican Visa On Arrival?

Yes! However, Nigerians who intend to enter Costa Rica on visa on arrival scheme must bear:
  • a passport or a valid travel document. Only passports or machine-readable travel documents are acceptable, in accordance with the guidelines established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
  • a valid U.S. or Canada visa
  • proof of economic sufficiency in a minimum of USD$100.00 (one hundred American dollars) for each month of legal permanence in the country
  • a bill, ticket, or voucher for the continuation of their trip, or else, the navigation plan in which the destination-port is to attest.
  • Not having an impediment to entering the Costa Rican territory.

If you do not hold a USA or Canada visa, in order to apply for the Costa Rican visa, you must personally provide the following documents at the consulate in Nairobi (prior appointment).

Costa Rica Visa Requirements For Nigerian Citizens

  • Costa Rica Visa Application. The applicant must fill out the Costa Rica visa application to hand it out at the consulate. Fill out the form clearly and legibly without any correction.
  • Application letter. You will address your letter to the Consul of Costa Rica including full name and surname, nationality, passport number, place of residence, the reason for travel, expected time of stay in Costa Rica, approximate place and date of arrival and departure from the country, profession or trade, the exact address of the place where you will stay in Costa Rica, date and place of birth of the interested party, fax to receive notifications, date, and signature.
  • Passport. Your passport or travel document valid with an expiration date not less than six months. In addition, a copy of all the pages of the passport.
  • Flight reservation. Include a tentative ticket, or return ticket or continuation of the trip in your Costa Rican visa application.
  • Financial statement. Proof of economic means for subsistence during your stay in the country.
  • Police Character Report. You will provide a current criminal record. If they are in another language, they have a translation into the Spanish language. If they have been issued in a country different than Kenya, then legalisation is essential. (Please see image illustration below on how to issue legalization via a third country).
  • Yellow Fever Card. Also, applicants should be vaccinated against yellow fever. This must be proved by an “International Certificate of Vaccination Against Yellow Fever”, which is valid from 10 days after vaccination. Persons on their way to Costa Rica that have been in transit through countries at risk, (on airports, ports and border posts) are exempt from the requirement of vaccination against yellow fever.

Legalization of Criminal Record For Costa Rica Visa Application via Third Country

Legalization of Costa Rica Visa Application via Third Country
Legalization of Criminal Record For Costa Rica Visa Application via Third Country

Additional Documents Required For Costa Rica Visa From Nigeria

There is no guarantee that the applicant may enter, as the final decision is that of the immigration officers at the entry port. However in general terms, if they comply with the above mentioned, they should not have difficulties.
The consul may request, if necessary, additional documents in applicant’s country of origin, so long that their presence is essential for the analysis in the granting of the visa.
Once you submit all the requirements, then the next step is to pay the application fee and book an appointment for a personal interview at the consulate in Nairobi. Upon the completion of the requirements, the Consul will indicate the applicant the date and time for the visa resolution notification.
The turnaround time for acceptance or denial of the Costa Rican visa is within 30 natural days, once all the documents are accessible by the consul.

What Is The Cost Of Costa Rica Visa From Nigeria?

The Costa Rica visa application fee is $32. If they deny you the visa, you will not get a refund. In addition, the applicant will not be able to apply for a visa until 6 months after the application.
The visa application requires a personal interview at the Embassy of Costa Rica in Kenya.
NOTE: The visa should be used within a period of sixty days, starting from the date of the respective notification to the applicant and it is valid to enter the country just one time.
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Costa Rica Embassy / Consulate In Nigeria

Currently, there is no Costa Rica Embassy In Nigeria. The assigned consulate for Nigeria is in Kenya. Find below details of the Costa Rica embassy where Nigerians can attend visa interviews.

Embassy of the Republic of Costa Rica in Kenya

Visitors: Eaton Place, UN Crescent, Gigiri, Nairobi

Mail: Embassy of Costa Rica, P.O. Box 63946 – 00619, Nairobi

Office Tel: (+254) (0) 205 143 581

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It is established as a mandatory requirement for the approval of visa in conformity with Article 87, Section 1) and 3), 68 Section 1) and 2), 78 Section 2), 88 Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, and the Article 58 of the Immigration Act, Act No. 8487 the submission of documents to prove that the applicant has enough economic solvency to sustain himself for the duration of his stay, always under the following circumstances:

  1. Consular or Consulted by Tourism Visa applicants, from a General Consulate of Costa Rica abroad.
  2. Tourist Visa applicants of the third and fourth group according to the established by the Immigration Guidelines for Non-Residents who are linked in a first degree either with a Costa Rican citizen or with a permanent resident who submits the applications in Costa Rica.
  3. Reunification Visa applicants who must demonstrate financial solvency to support the applicant’s family in Costa Rica.
  4. Multiple Entry Visa applicants.
Both immigrants and Costa Ricans must demonstrate at the respective Consul or in the application submitted in Costa Rica at the Visa Application Process (Subproceso de Visas), any or some of the documents listed below:
  1. Prove possession of the real and personal property. Provide currently valid certificates issued by the Real Estate Registry.
  2. Financial Reports. Necessarily, the average balance of the last three months must be provided. The certificates must contain the current balance and account history (debits and credits).
  3. Employees. Employees must present a current order and/or letter from employer with letterhead and company stamp, indicating gross and net salary, years of service and position. At the Visa Application Process, the veracity of this situation should be confirmed.
  4. Farmers. Provide evidence by means of invoices and sale contracts for agricultural products.
  5. Merchants. Show evidence of the existence of the business such as patents, tax receipts, operating permits, and licenses. If you have employees provide the form issued by the Social Security Fund (Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social) which contains the list of them.
  6. Retirees. Provide evidence of pension such as receipts, and a certification issued by competent authority stating the period of time and date of retirement.
  7. Full-time students. Provide certification of academic records. Provide evidence of the economic solvency of their parents or legal guardian in conformity with the points above-noted. In the case of sponsored students, attach a certification of the institution providing the grant. This document must specify the amount, term, and expenses the scholarship includes.
  8. Certifications of Authorized Public Accountants. In case of providing an income certificate of this kind, the worksheet from the public accountant as well as the original invoices and contracts that led to the certification should be submitted. This evidence must be provided along with the one mentioned in point 1, and/or point 2. This information will not be valued individually.
Costa Rica Visa Application Check

Cash or affidavits can be provided neither to the Consulates nor to the General Directorate as evidence of financial solvency.
Solvency tests provided will be evaluated as a whole. Therefore, the applicants have to contribute with all they are able to.
Consuls should request proofs of solvency to be issued by the authorities of the country where the applicant is located. This is similar to the established in Article 218 of the current regulations.
The General Directorate of Immigration will ensure compliance with the provisions of the Article 13 Sections b and k of the 8487 Act.
Either the General Directorate, in case of visas of the third group or the Commission for Restricted Visas in case of applications for visas of the fourth group, should analyze and evaluate the proofs of solvency submitted. In some cases, it requires additional proofs (when the submitted proofs are not considered enough).

This post is about how to apply for a Costa Rica visa from Nigeria and Costa Rica visa requirements for Nigerian citizens.

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