Morocco Visa Requirements For Nigeria – How To Apply

Morocco Visa Requirements From Nigeria – How To Apply

MOROCCO VISA REQUIREMENTS FROM NIGERIA. In this article, we will show you how to apply for a Morocco visa from Nigeria.

Morocco visa comes as a single entry visa for first timers. The process takes an average of two weeks after submission at the Moroccan embassy in Abuja. Every applicant needs to appear for submission. However, in some cases, proxy is permissible.

The visa comes as a sticker visa.

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Morocco is a North African country bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It is distinguished by its Berber, Arabian, and European cultural influences.

Documents Required For Morocco Visa in Nigeria

  1. PASSPORT. You must possess a valid passport or travel document. It must be 6 months valid from check out. Also, make a copy of the data page of your passport.
  2. HOTEL RESERVATION. You need to get a confirmed hotel reservation for the purpose of the visa application.
  3. FLIGHT RESERVATION. A flight reservation is mandatory for a Morocco visa application. The flight needs to show your arrival date and departure.
  4. TRAVEL INSURANCE. You need 3-month insurance to cover for your trip. Even if you intend to spend less than 3 months in Morocco, it is mandatory to get 3-month travel insurance. It must be Africa Basic or Worldwide and attach a photocopy.
  5. STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT. Your bank statement is mandatory for the visa application. You must submit a 6-month bank statement showing sufficient funds for the trip. And if you need to submit a corporate account, get a reference letter from the bank. Also, the bank statement must be signed and stamped by the bank.
  6. INTRODUCTION LETTER. An introduction letter from your place of work is needed for a Morocco visa application. If you are a business owner, a letter on your company’s letterhead is essential. So you need to state the purpose of visit and length of stay.
  7. PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPHS. You need to submit two passport photographs in white background. And they must be in colour and eyes directly facing the camera.
  8. PAYSLIP. Employees need to show evidence of salary slips for 4 months.
  9. MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. In addition to the documents, a couple needs to present a copy of their marriage certificate and evidence of change of name for couples.

Additional Documents For Morocco Visa

  • WORK I.D. A copy of your identity card is mandatory and you need to include it in your application. The ID card must show your names as they appear on your passport, your title, and the company’s details.
  • STUDENT. Educational history in detail for students. If going for study, a transcript from your school and an acceptance letter from a Moroccan institution.
  • BUSINESS REGISTRATION DOCUMENT. For business owners, a copy of their registration document is mandatory and taxes paid.
  • INVITATION. An invitation letter from a Moroccan company (for a Business visa only) is required if traveling for a business visit.
  • PERMIT. You need a valid residence permit if you are non-Nigerian and reside in the country.
  • APPLICATION FORM. You must completely fill the visa application form with a black pen and sign it. It is advisable you fill them in BLOCK letters. Click here to download the form.
  • SUBMISSION. You must appear in person for submission, except you want to apply through an agent approved by the Moroccan embassy.

All supporting documents above should be in an office flat file.

You do not need an appointment to submit a visa application. If you need our service for Morocco non-appearance and Marrakesh application, click here to contact us on Instagram.

Trip Adventure in Morocco
Trip Adventure in Morocco

Processing Time For Morocco Visa

The processing time takes at least 10 working days (excluding Nigerian and Moroccan public holidays).

Morocco Visa Fee

The visa fee is paid in cash upon the collection of the Visa. In other words, visa fees are only paid when the visa is granted.

The visa fee is N18,000 and it is subject to change without prior notice.

The opening time of the Visa Section of the Embassy are as follows: 

Submission time:

Monday to Wednesday from 09:00 am to 01:00 pm.

Collection time:

Monday to Thursday from 09:00 am to 01:00 pm

The Embassy is closed during all Nigeria and Moroccan public holidays.

Embassy Of The Kingdom Of Morocco Contact Details

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Abuja.

39 Lake Chad Crescent, Maitama District, Abuja.

This post is about Morocco visa requirements from Nigeria. Also, read Egypt Visa For Nigeria.


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