East Africa Visa – How To Apply Online

East Africa Visa – How To Apply Online

In this article, we will show you how to apply for East Africa visa application by yourself.

The East Africa visa covers 3 East African countries, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. This visa is a multiple entry visa and valid for 3 months. It is multiple within these three countries only. The moment you leave one to another country that is not part of the listed countries above, you will have to apply for another visa.

You either apply for the East Africa visa through Kenya or Uganda. In our previous blog post, we discussed how you can apply for Kenya visa application.

East Africa Visa
East Africa Visa Sample

How To Apply For East Africa Visa Through Kenya

  • Firstly, you need to visit the website here to begin
  • Create an account with your email address and passport details
  • Choose the East Africa Visa as the visa category
  • Upload your details as shown on your passport
  • Provide home address, marital status and other details about you
  • Upload your passport photograph on white background
  • Upload hotel reservation
  • Upload passport bio-data page
  • You will be required to upload your child’s data page if they are traveling with you.
  • Lastly, you must submit and pay for the visa fee online. The visa fee For Kenya East Africa visa is USD109.32.

Your East Africa visa can be rejected if the immigration is not satisfied with your visa application. You can avoid denial by contacting us today.

The Kenya East Africa visa looks exactly like the Kenya visa. To spot the difference, the East Africa visa through Kenya starts with EATV while the normal Kenya visa starts with SEV.

How To Apply For East African Visa Through Uganda

This is pretty the same way as the above. The only difference is the website.

  • Visit the Uganda official website by clicking here.
  • Click on the Start Application to begin
  • You will be required to choose the visa category, choose East Africa Tourist Visa
  • The next page is to fill in your details, including your passport information, contact address, purpose of visit and other details pertaining to you.
  • On the next page, you will be required to upload your yellow card, flight reservation, hotel reservation, passport photograph, international passport and travel itinerary.
  • The final stage is the payment page. You must enter your card details to make the payment.
  • The visa fee for a Uganda East Africa visa is $100.
Uganda evisa
Uganda E-visa Sample

For Rwanda, you do not need a visa to visit the country, therefore, you cannot apply for East Africa visa through Rwanda.

The good thing about the East Africa visa is that you get a sticker visa in your passport at the port of entry.

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