How to Apply For Kenya Visa From U.S. – Requirements and Steps

Kenya Visa For U.S. Citizens – How to Apply and Requirements

U.S. citizens require Kenya visa to enter Kenya. We will show you how to apply for Kenya visa from the U.S. and Kenya visa requirements for Americans.

Kenya is a tourist place for foreigners. They have beaches, tourist attractions, mountain and wildlife in Nairobi and Mombasa. Nairobi is the capital of Kenya. It has good urban core and a large game of reserve.

Many countries need a Kenya visa to gain access to the country. It used to be visa on arrival for most foreign nationals but all of this changed on 1st January, 2021. However, you can get a Kenya visa in minutes if you contact us here for an express service.


What are the documents required for a Kenya visa from the United States?

Every U.S citizen, except diplomats, must apply for a Kenya visa prior to travel. So here is the list of requirements for Kenya visa.

  1. Passport bio-data page: A copy of your biodata page is required. This must be uploaded on the site. Let is be a clear copy.
  2. Passport photograph: A soft copy of passport photograph is required for Kenya visa application. You need a clear photo of you showing your face to shoulder and your eyes must be facing the camera.
  3. Invitation letter: This is not compulsory if you are not being invited. You only need it if a friend, colleague, spouse or fiancé is inviting over.
  4. Personal details: Your personal details like home address, email address, phone number, marital status and, date of birth, passport details, next of kin, mother’s and father’s name and their phone numbers and occupation are required.
  5. Hotel reservation: Details of your hotel should be included in your application if you are visiting as a tourist. The name of the hotel, date of arrival and date of departure are required including the hotel phone number and email address.
  6. Yellow fever vaccination card: A valid card is required. You must have been vaccinated against yellow fever.
  7. PCR test: This is required for those who have not been fully vaccinated. You must present this at port of entry, including your Kenya e-visa.
  8. Finally, back cover of your passport showing the United States logo and name must be uploaded.
It is better to be fully vaccinated to avoid series of checks and extra cost at the airport.

You may not be allowed to board without the e-visa. So, you must apply before you take that trip and this process goes on their portal.

If you need our visa assistance service for Kenya visa, you can contact us by clicking here and we will offer the fast track service to get the visa for you in minutes.

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