Nigeria Visa On Arrival – How To Apply Online

Nigeria Visa-On-Arrival: How To Apply Online

Nigeria visa-on-arrival. I will be discussing Nigeria visa on arrival in this post and how you can apply for it online by yourself.

What Is A Nigeria Visa-On-Arrival?

Nigeria visa-on-arrival is a  single entry sticker visa issued to travelers when they arrival in Nigeria, in exchange for the visa approval from the Nigeria immigration service before boarding.

It is called Nigeria visa on arrival because you get the real paper visa at port of entry. It does not mean that you can travel to Nigeria without a Nigerian visa. You need an electronic visa approval to get the visa in Nigeria. If you are denied the e-approval, then you may not be allowed to visit Nigeria.

Nigeria Visa On Arrival

Who Can Apply For Visa-On-Arrival?

Every national qualifies for Nigeriavisa on arrival. They must demonstrate to the Nigeria immigration why they need to apply for the visa. This visa on arrival scheme is only available for the following type of travelers:

  • Regularly traveling Business people
  • High-net-worth individual
  • Members of the Government Delegation
  • Executives of corporations Holders of United Nations laissez-passer Holders of African Union laissez-passer NGO members
  • Citizens of all African nations

Type of Nigeriavisa on arrival

Unlike the multiple entry visa application, this process does not involve booking an appointment with the Nigerian consular. You will only need to present scanned copies of all your travel documents online and make the appropriate payment with your cards.

Tourist Visa Requirements

Here are the documents you will need to apply for tourist visa to Nigeria.

  1. Passport Data Page: Applications must upload a scanned copy of their data page and make sure it valid for at least 6 months from the date of visa application, and it has two blank visa pages or more for the sticker visa.
  2. Photo: Your passport must be clear and on white background.
  3. Proof of Accommodation: Although this is not compulsory, you may upload this document when applying online.
  4. Flight reservation: You must upload your flight reservation to continue with the Nigeriavisa application online.
  5. Self-introduction letter: A letter of introduction is required for a Nigeriavisa. Applicants are requested to write a personal introduction letter detailing their purpose of visit to Nigeria.

Documents Required For Business Visa

The process is pretty the same as the tourist visa discussed above. The only difference here is that you will need invitation letter and business registration documents from Nigeria before you can apply for this type of Nigeriavisa.

  1. Passport Bio-data page: For a business trip to Nigeria, travelers must upload a copy of their bio-data page.
  2. Passport photo: The photo must be clear and on white background.
  3. Proof of Accommodation/hotel reservation: Like I mentioned earlier, this is not compulsory, it is advisable to upload it when applying for a Nigeria visa-on-arrival.
  4. Flight ticket: A copy of your air ticket is required for a Nigeriavisa application.
  5. Self-introduction letter: A letter of introduction detailing your purpose of visit to Nigeria is essential.
  6. Invitation Letter: An invitation letter from your host in Nigeria is mandatory to continue your visa application.
  7. Business registration document (CAC): Lastly, your host’s business registration document are needed for the process. You can request for a copy from your host.

How To Apply For Nigeria visa-on-arrival

To apply for a Nigeria visa on arrival, you must follow these steps:

  • Visit the Nigeria immigration service here
  • Upload the required documents for a Nigeriavisa as outlined above
  • Fill in your details as appeared on your passport
  • Submit details about your company, contact address, phone number and host’s details
  • Lastly, make the payment online with your card

Nigeria visa on arrival Approval letter sample

What is the processing time for a Nigeriavisa?

The processing time takes from 24 hours to 5 working day, depending on your travel date.

Do I Get The Visa On Arrival?

Yes, the visa will be placed in your passport on arrival. However, you must get an electronic approval before you can be allowed to visit Nigeria.

Can a Nigeria visa Be Denied?

Yes, you can get a rejection and it cannot be appealed. An email will be sent to you regarding the rejection. However, you are allowed to reapply. To avoid rejection, you can contact us today.

Is Nigeria visa-on-arrival a multiple entry visa?

No, it is a single entry visa. The moment you leave Nigeria, you cannot use the visa to visit again. You must apply for a new application.

Can Nigeriavisa Be Extended?

Yes, you can extend Nigeria visa, only while in Nigeria. You must give reason for extension. The extension comes in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. You cannot stay in Nigeria for more than a year with a Nigeria visa-on-arrival.

Nigerian Visa For Babies/Minors

For babies or minors, one of their parents must accompany them. Minors under the age of 18 and non-Africans cannot apply at the moment. If one of your parents is a Nigeria then you can apply for it.

Requirement For Minors Applying are:

  • Father and mother’s data page
  • Birth certificate of the minor/baby
  • Flight reservation
  • A letter written by the parents and signed
  • Bio-data page of the minor or baby

You can also read How To Apply For Ghana visa here.

What is the validity of a Nigeria visa-on-arrival?

For both adult and minors, the visa validity is 30 days which can be renewed upon approval.

You cannot use this type of visa to work in Nigeria. If your plan is to work in Nigeria, you must apply for an STR visa from your home country before coming to Nigeria. However, you can use it for business meeting and tourism purpose.

Also, a lot of foreigners have used this type of visa to wed in Nigeria. It sounds pretty cool, right? So, to avoid being denied, contact us by clicking here.

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