Colombia Visa Requirements For Nigeria – How To Apply

Colombia Visa Requirements For Nigeria – How To Apply

COLOMBIA VISA REQUIREMENTS. In this article, we will discuss the requirements for Colombia visa for Nigerian citizens and how to Apply from Nigeria.

The Republic of Colombia is a country largely in the north of South America with territories in North America. There are beautiful places to visit in Colombia such as Cartagena – the crown jewel of Colombia’s Caribbean coast, and the beautiful Medellin.

General Requirements For Colombia Visa in Nigeria

Colombia is not visa-free for Nigerian passport holders. So, here is the list of Colombia visa requirements for Nigeria.

  1. Passport. You must have a valid passport or travel document in good condition and with blank pages for visas.
  2. Photo. You need to get a digital passport photograph of you in JPG. The photograph must be color and against a white background (4 centimeters X 3 centimeters).
  3. Data page. A copy of your data page is mandatory.
  4. Visa Form. Fill out the electronic visa application form honestly and without mistake as the visa application is in Spanish.
  5. Legalization. All documents from abroad must have apostille or legalization and official translation into Spanish when it is not in this language. The official translation must be legalized or apostilled according to the case.
  6. Bank statement. You need to provide a 6-month bank statement showing sufficient funds for your trip.
  7. Notarization. Duly notarized power of attorney if the visa procedure is going to be finalized by an appointed representative.
  8. Legal Document. Copy of the last entry and exit stamp or the document that demonstrates regularized migration status in the country of residence if different from nationality.
  9. Colombia visa. A copy of past Colombian visa if available.
  10. Sponsor. If a sponsor intends to sponsor the visa application, they must provide a letter indicating their silliness to sponsor the applicant. And this letter must include:
    1. Complete identification of the sponsor (as evidenced in the passport or ID document)
    2. Explanation of the ties with the applicant, and declaration of responsibility for the living and travel expenses of the applicant.
    3. Bank statements of the sponsor of the last six (6) months prior to the lodging of the visa application.
If a company intends to sponsor the trip, then the company must present business registration documents, a corporate account with a reference letter, a data page of one of the directors, and a reason for sponsoring the applicant.
Please note that all required documents other than travel documents must have an issue date not later than three months from the date of application registration.
Police Character Report. If the filing of criminal records is mandatory, the criminal background certification according to the established procedures in that country will be sufficient.
Colombian Tradition
Colombian Tradition

How To Apply For Colombia visa from Nigeria

  • Visit the Colombia immigration portal to apply online.
  • Read the terms and conditions and check the box to acknowledge
  • Enter your information correctly and leave the part that says “Application registry number”
  • On the next page, enter the visa type (e.g choose Visitor if for tourism)
  • Choose BY THE FOREIGNER if you are the main applicant
  • Upload the required documents
  • Save the Application ID
  • Choose Payment Option. For payment choose Colombian Card Electronic Payment if you intend to make payments online. The visa fee for a tourist visa application is $188.76 and it is subject to change.
Online Payment For Colombian visa in Nigeria
Online Payment For Colombian visa in Nigeria

Alternatively, you can choose to make payment at the consulate. In the process, it is advisable to choose CONSULATE so that you can make the payment at the consulate in Ghana.

Colombian visa application process for Nigeria
Colombian visa application process for Nigeria

After that, click on next the “Continue” button to finalize your application. Do not forget to check your email as the embassy sends a confirmation email to applicants.

You can always track your visa application here.

If you need assistance with the Colombia visa application in Nigeria, click here to contact us on Instagram.

Colombian Embassy In Nigeria

Currently, there is no Colombian embassy in Nigeria, however, you can visit their consulate in Ghana and Kenya. For easy submission and to avoid additional documents, choose Ghana. Below are Colombia Consulates where Nigerians can visit.

Ghana: CONSULADO EN ACRA (GHANA), 1st Circular Rd. Plot #16, Cantonments, Accra, Gha.

Telephone: Bogotá: +57 (1) 3826999 – Free national line: 01 8000 938 000.

This post is about how to apply for Colombia visa from Nigeria. Also read: How to apply for Jamaica visa.

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