How To Apply For Jamaica Visa in Nigeria

How To Apply For Jamaica Visa In Nigeria

Jamaican Visa Requirements for Nigeria. Jamaica, a Caribbean island nation. Situated on the American Mediterranean Sea of the Atlantic Ocean. This country has a lush topography of mountains, rainforests and most pleasant of all reef-lined beaches.

Jamaica well known to be outstanding in their few, but have heavy-weight features which include, their food, places, people and music.

This Caribbean island country known to be the birthplace of reggae music. Their nation’s cultural icons include their well-celebrated reggae singer and songwriter Bob Marley. His legacy explored by visitors in Kingston (Bob Marley Museum), Jamaica’s capital.

Do you wish to visit this beautiful country, or you already have and want to do so once more? Read on to see the requirements and thing needed for a safe trip. You can also apply for a Jamaican visa with us now at

Jamaican Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens

  1. Completed Visa Application Form (included), signed by the applicant.
  2. One passport photograph.
  3. A Valid Passport – a copy of the bio-data page submitted in the first instance. The passport must be valid for the period of intended stay in Jamaica. (Please do not submit your passport, just the colour copy of your data page).
  4. Flight itinerary (We can provide this). Proof of sufficient funds to cover the visit.
  5. Present your passports when approved and the following supporting documents, as appropriate:
  6. Copy of previous Jamaican visa showing the relevant immigration entry stamps.
  7. Copy of transit visa, if applicable.
  8. A letter of invitation from a person or organization in Jamaica (if applicable) or Hotel reservation (reserved)
  9. Proof of Financial Status (i.e. current bank statements)
  10. Bank Statement from the individual or organization for a sponsored trip (letter authorizing you to have them).
  11. An Introductory letter or leave letter from your employer or school and when necessary an identity card.
  12. If self-employed, evidence of your business, i.e. registration documents, and bank statements.
  13. Please indicate if unemployed or retired.
  14. If sponsored by an individual in Jamaica, evidence of their immigration status (e.g. copy of their passport).
  15. For business visit, please provide recent evidence of correspondence with the company in Jamaica and letter of invitation.
  16. If you are applying as a student visa, please provide acceptance letter, proof of payment of school fee, return ticket.
  17. In the case of minors, a birth certificate, as well as a letter of consent if travelling with a guardian.

Type of Visa Issued to Nigerians by the Jamaican Embassy

To apply for a Jamaican visa, you will need to ensure that you have a valid passport. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months from the date of your return. Always apply for your visa at least eight weeks ahead of your intended flight.

  • Tourist
  • Business
  • Transit
  • Student
  • Working

In most cases, you would need a transit visa to get to Jamaica. In fact, you might get rejection if your flight reservation shows that you will need UK, US or Schengen transit visa. It is better to present a copy of a valid transit visa in order to increase your chances. Try to do a flight reservation to Montego Bay as flights are always available in this route.

However, we can assist you with a Jamaica visa even without presenting any valid transit visa.

Study Visa

You must present sponsor’s bank statement and admission letter from a legal university in Jamaica.

Jamaica Business visa

You need to present host details and invitation letter. The purpose of visit must be stated in the letter.

Jamaica Transit visa

Jamaica Transit visa is perhaps the simplest to apply for. All you need to present is evidence such as flight reservation and valid visa to your final destination.

Processing Time takes 15 workingdays.

If you need us to assist you with your application and submit on your behalf (non-appearance), do not hesitate to contact us. Our success rate is 95%. Click here to follow us on Instagram for more visa tips and assistance.

Jamaican Visa Fee

If your application has been approved by the Jamaican Embassy, you are required to pay $20.

Jamaica High Commission in Abuja

13 Hassan Musa Katstina Street
Asokoro Abuja





Jamaican Visa Requirements for Nigeria
Jamaican Visa Requirements for Nigeria

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