How To Verify and Check The Authenticity of Kenya Visa

How To Check and Verify The Authenticity of a Kenya Visa

We have gotten so many complaints from our users and clients on how banks could not verify or confirm their Kenya visa. This mishap had hindered many travelers from getting the desired PTAs they needed for their travel. So in this article, we will be sharing some tips on how to verify/confirm Kenya visa status online. This will help travelers, particularly the banks and other agencies, to check the authenticity of a Kenya visa.

In one of our blog posts, we explained how applicants can apply for a Kenya visa online. And we mentioned that Nigerians and some foreign nationals can no longer get a Kenya visa on arrival. They need to apply online and wait for visa approval to get the visa issued. The sum of $52.79 is paid as visa fee and this does not guarantee that your Kenya visa will be issued automatically.

Kenya visa for Nigeria
Kenya visa

Before you can check if a Kenya visa is valid or invalid, you need to apply for the visa and wait for the immigration’s decision. If the visa is granted then you can proceed to check the authenticity of the Kenya visa as thus:



  • On the next page, input the information on your Kenya visa to continue.
  • Firstly, go to “Select Service” and choose “eVisa Application”.
Kenya Visa Validity and Authenticity Check
Kenya Visa Validity and Authenticity Check
  • Input the visa application number which starts with SEV or EAT, depending on the visa category. Be careful when entering the reference number – sometimes, zero may appear as alphabet O.
  • Input Your ID Number which is the email address or passport number you used when you signed up on the Kenya portal the first time. This may not be the applicant’s email address/passport number. Most times, it is the agent’s ID number or the user’s. To know the ID number, download the Kenyan receipt to see the details.
  • Finally, click on the “Search” button to check the validity/authenticity of the Kenya visa. The visa details will come up like the one shown below.
How to Check Authenticity of Kenya Visa

You can use this process to check any visa issued by the Kenyan immigration, be it an East Africa visa or Kenya tourist visa.

We need to start assisting travelers with their needs and banks should try their best to ensure that travelers get their PTAs and not keep asking for details that may disrupt their trips.

If you need assistance with Kenya visa, you may contact us here or follow us on Instagram.

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