Legalisation, Translation of Documents at Italy Embassy in Nigeria

Legalisation and Translation of Documents at the Italian Embassy in Nigeria

Legalization of Documents. This may sound new to you but you will go through this process someday when you need to legalise some documents at the Italy embassy in Nigeria. In other words, you may be required to legalise copies of your travel documents for the purpose of Family Reunion, Citizenship, Permits, and special requests from the Italian authority from Italy.

There is no way an Italian government will grant your stay or any other legal requests if your documents are not stamped/legalized at their Consolato Generale D’Italia in your home country. Before we show you the requirements for the legalization of Documents, see below the documents you can legalise at the embassy.

What are the documents to legalise at Italian Embassy?

  • Birth Certificate Issued By National Population Commission (NPC)
  • Affidavit Declaration of Age
  • Attestation of Birth by the NPC
  • Police Character
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Affidavit of Consent for Minor joining one parent in Italy
  • Affidavit of Family Status indicating all the family members
Legalisation of Italian document in Nigeria
The legalization of Italian documents in Nigeria

Firstly, you need to be aware that you must be in possession of a valid Carta D’Identita before you can work in Italy. Some applicants may need to legalise some documents at the Italian embassy in Nigeria to get their Carta D’Identita approved. Therefore the reason for legalisation comes to play.

Similarly, you must be living legally in Italy when processing these documents otherwise the embassy may want you to come to Nigeria and apply normally (that is if one of your parents is an Italian). So in this case, a blood test is essential for a DNA test, followed by your application for citizenship.

Documents Required By Italian embassy to get your Carta D’Identita approved

  • A report from the Italian authority instructing the Italian embassy in your home country to confirm your documents. This report usually goes with the heading “OGGETTO: Convocazione Per Fotosegnalamento pse/permesso Cartaceo”
  • Legalization Form
  • The translated version of your age declaration and Attestation of Birth by National Population Commission
  • Scanned copy of your International Passport data page
  • Original documents of your age declaration and Attestations of Birth by National Population.
  • Remita form issued by the Federal Ministry of Foreign And Intergovernmental Affairs HQRS.

Documents Required For Italian Citizenship Application

Copy of Soggiornor. Firstly, you must scan the front and back cover of this document.

Data page. You will provide a digital copy of the data page of your passport.

Photo. 4 Passport photographs in white background is mandatory.

Thumbprint. You need to provide a document showing evidence of your thumbprint. You can take this at the Nigerian embassy in Italy or contact us in Nigeria so that we can assist you with the thumbprint.

Birth details. Place of birth and Local government of the place of birth are compulsory for your Italian citizenship application.

Father details. You will provide your father’s name, his village, and the local government area.

Mother Information. Details of your mother’s name, her village, and the local government are essential.

In summary, find below a recap of what we have discussed so far and other important information on the Legalisation of Documents.


Legalisation of Documents For Italian Citizenship and Permit and Family Reunion
Legalization of Documents
Requirements Legalization of Documents For Italy
Requirements For Legalization of Documents For Italy

Book Appointment With The Italian Embassy

The next step is to book an appointment with the Italian embassy for the legalisation of documents.

Firstly, your birth declaration and Attestation of Birth must be authenticated by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs HQRS Abuja. Also, a qualified Italian translator needs to translate your documents to the Italian language before you can submit them at the embassy.

After the translation, you need to book an appointment with the Italian embassy before your visit. To get a date for the submission, visit the Italian embassy for further inquiries on available dates.

Why would you want to take the journey when we can do all this for you? We are an authorized travel agent in Nigeria and we can help with the authentication of your documents at the foreign affairs in Abuja. Plus, we can get you a police Character report if applicable. Also, VisaPaper can arrange for your fingerprints and translate your documents to the Italian language. In addition, we can book an appointment on your behalf, submit your application, and face the interview. When your documents are ready for collection, we’ll go there for you and collect them. In short, we treat every document with professionalism and ensure your documents get to you wherever you may be. You can start with a WhatsApp chat on +2349097024697 or call us on +234 908 459 0000.

If you are available for submission, ensure you go with all the documents. They would never allow you the second time once you leave the embassy; that means you have to book a new appointment.


After reading this post and you still find it cumbersome, you can click here to contact us for the legalization of your documents.

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This post is about the legalization and translation of documents at the Italy embassy in Nigeria and Requirements For Legalization of Documents.

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Italy Legalization Of Document
Italy Legalization Of Document

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