Southern Cyprus Visa Requirements For Nigeria – How To Apply

Southern Cyprus Visa Requirements For Nigerian Citizens – How To Apply

In this article, we will explain the Southern Cyprus visa requirements for Nigerian citizens and how to apply for a Cypriot visa from Nigeria.

The Republic of Cyprus (Southern Cyprus) is different from the Nothern Cyprus. And their visa requirements are different too – Click here for Northern Cyprus Visa. The Southern Cyprus Consulate is in Lagos while that of Northern Cyprus is in Abuja. Now, let’s show you the visa requirements for Southern Cyprus. Please bear in mind that you may need travel insurance for your visa application and you can get your insurance here. Also, if you need us to process your Southern Cyprus visa by proxy (non-appearance), click here to follow us on Instagram and contact us.

Documents Required For Southern Cyprus Visa

  1. Application Form. The applicant must duly complete and sign the Application form. In addition, applicants must sign the form to certify that they are aware of the legal consequences of providing false or incomplete information in visa proceedings.
  2. Passport. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the intended date of departure from Cyprus
  3. Photograph. All applicants must affix a passport–size photograph on the visa application form. The background of the photo must be white.
  4. Invitation. Invitation letter from the host-company/ firm/ associate in the Republic of Cyprus must go with your application if you need to visit Southern Cyprus on a visit. Assumption of Responsibility Form is mandatory which your host must complete and a notary public must certify it. Bank Guarantee from a Cyprus bank by the host in the name of the guest is important which must be stamped by the immigration in Cyprus.
  5. Flight reservation. Flight pre-bookings (round-trip) are essential too. You need to include a flight booking showing arrival and departure. It is advisable not to purchase a travel ticket to Cyprus before the application outcome. Also, do not book a Turkish Airline.
  6. Hotel reservations. Proof of accommodation is mandatory. Get a hotel reservation showing your check-in and check-out date and hotel details.
  7. Travel Insurance. You need to provide insurance that must cover your stay in Cyprus. Click here to get one.
  8. Visa fees. The visa fee is non-refundable and applicants must pay this fee when submitting their applications.
Tourist Places in Cyprus
Tourist Place in Cyprus
Types of Visa Fees (euro)
Airport Transit Visa (category A) 15
Short-stay Visa (1-90 days) (Category C) 20
Multiple entry Visa (up to 5 years) (Category C) 60
Visa issued at the border (Category C) 20
Visa Extension (Category C) 30
Long-Stay Visa (Category D) 60

Additional Documents For Southern Cyprus Visa

  • Proof of the applicant’s employment. The most recent income tax return for self-employed may increase your chances. If you own a registered business in Nigeria, include your business registration documents. For employees, the certificate of employment (including the employer’s full name, complete address, and telephone number with area code details) regarding the applicant’s position or professional designation is compulsory. Likewise, an introduction letter from the employer stating the employee’s income, present job role, approved leave of absence, and purpose of travel is also important (letter must be less than one month old) and addressed to the Cypriot Consulate.
  • Proof of sufficient financial means. Applicants must include a 3-month bank account statement showing sufficient funds. For self-employed, their corporate accounts with a reference letter from the bank may be included (if available). An example is a bank Statement or traveler’s cheques (credit cards only in addition to bank statements and with a recent statement confirming credit limit. Please note that cash is no acceptable proof).
  • Minor applicants. For unaccompanied minors, they must submit a letter, completed and signed by both parents or legal guardians, authorizing the minor to apply for a visa to enter the Republic of Cyprus and provide documents that prove the relationship between the minor and the person(s) authorizing it. Acceptable documents are a copy of ID or passport of each parent, accompanied by a copy of the minor’s birth certificate stating the parents’ names; death certificate, when applicable, and, in the case of sole custody, a copy of a judicial document attesting that. In addition, One completed application form signed by the applicant (or legal guardian in the case of minors) with a passport-sized photograph attached.
  • Personal evidence. Extract from the family record or family book, previous passports, or the passport statement from the Immigration Office.
Resident Permit. A valid proof of residency for non-Nigerians is essential if you are applying from Nigeria.

Southern Cyprus Student Visa

For applicant willing to study, applications and copies of all documents received by the Honorary Consulate must be forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cyprus for

Assumption of Responsibility Form from the host must be stamped by Muktar in Cyprus if a student is inviting you. For a student in the country of the consulate, an original letter from the school or university addressed to the Cyprus consulate confirming status/attendance and the duration of the course.

In conclusion, the possession of a valid visa does not grant the holder of an absolute right of entry to the Republic of Cyprus. The applicant may as well be required to present certain evidence upon arrival.

Where Is Southern Cyprus Embassy/Consulate in Nigeria?

The consulate contact details are as follows:

Honorary Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus
Leventis Motors Building
2 Wharf Road

Tel.: + 234 812 899 0728, + 234 812 899 0845 + 234 812 899 0357

If you need us to process your Southern Cyprus visa by proxy (non-appearance), click here to follow us on Instagram and contact us.

This post is about Southern Cyprus visa requirements for Nigeria.

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